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Most Firms Specialized these days but we still believe that attorneys are not supposed to just solve one problem for each client. We want to be your all-purpose lawyers, contact us for all of your different legal needs and we can find a way to help.

At RAMAY LEGAL AID SERVICES, our lawyers handle a wide variety of legal issues. We can find a legal solution to any legal problem or need that may arise in your life.

  We offer a special low fee package for deserving people.

  We offer free initial consultations so that you can learn more about how we can help your legal needs.

We are prepared to work with you on legal issues involving:

  • Family Law: We offer comprehensive family law practice, including assistance with divorce, child custody and child support matters.

  • Court Marriage: We offer our services to solve all issues relating Court Marriage.

  • Civil Litigation: Our firm handle a variety of civil litigation needs, including real estate disputes, claims of insurance bad faith and personal injury law suits.

  • Criminal Matters: We provide our services with representation in criminal matters, including bail, trial and appeals in cases of different offences.

  • Inheritance: We offer our services of filing all kind of inheritance suits.

  • Guardianship: We offer our services in all kind of guardianship affairs including guardian certificate and suits in guardian courts etc.

  • Adoption: We can help you adopt a child.

  • Employment Matters (Service Law): We resolve claims involving employment discrimination, wrongful termination, Retaliation, hostile work environment  sexual harassment and other employment related issues.

  • Banking: We also provide our services in all kind of Bank related suits.

  • Property Matters: Most families buy a home at least once in a life time. We want to be there for your family, making sure all of the legal matters are handled for you, so you can just enjoy the exciting moment of becoming homeowners.

  • Estate Planning: Every family should have a well-planed estate, including healthcare directives and power of attorney documents. We can help you rest assured that your property will be passed on the way you want.

  • Consumer Law: We also provide our services in consumer law cases.

  • Intellectual Property: We offer services in al kind of corporate and intellectual property matters including registration of Trade Mark, Copy Rights and Patents.

  • All kind of Registration Affairs: We also offer our services in all kind of registration affairs including NTN, Firm, Company etc.

   We thrive on helping clients just like you stand their ground.

We have a 24-hour answering service, so you can call day or night, and if it's a legal emergency, we'll get the call quickly and return it promptly. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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